On Gender Roles

Gender roles have changed from what there were sixty or seventy years ago. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, men made the money and the women kept the household. That has changed. There are a lot of movies that have women with leading roles. Women have the same jobs as men aswell in the real world. I don’t think that gender roles are switching, just evening out.

The same goes for racial equality. Back in the early 1900’s African-American and Indian roles in movies were very negative. They were never the heroes, always the villain. Thankfully that is changing. In general we as a whole are becoming more accepting of others.


Mooks and Midriffs

A Mook is a man who doesn’t really care what people think of him, he acts ridiculous for attention. While a midriff is a girl who uses her body to get places. She will always look good for the people around her and feels empowered by her sexuality. Both of these personality types are around today. They may be slightly different, but they haven’t changes all that much. There are countless channels on YouTube dedicated to getting views and likes through acting these ways. There are tv shows and movies who star people like these. Just simply because they are mooks or midriffs. Mooks and midriffs are both a creation of MTV and a reflection of society. These types of people existed before MTV popularized them. But MTV made them huge. MTV has gone through massive changes. I remember when I was very young, I would sit for long periods of time watching music videos. I didn’t know at the time what I was watching. I didn’t know that the people on the screen were just personalities. But I loved them. I couldn’t wait to see the next video. But MTV has changed. They don’t play music television anymore. They have shows like The Jersey Shore and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. These are still star mooks and midriffs. The difference is, these shows last for half an hour not three minutes. I don’t know where MTV should go next. I don’t personally care for MTV anymore. I have the internet to watch music videos. It is up to the executives to figure out what people want.

Media and Your Body Image

Magazines can make people of all ages insecure about their body image. These images portray the “perfect body” and tell you that you can have the perfect body too. These magazines say that the body you should have is tall and skinny. These can pose a problem to society by making people (especially young people) try to make themselves “perfect” this is often done in an unhealthy way. Media images effect everyone by making them feel insecure about how their makeup, body, or hairstyles look. They prey on these so you will buy the magazine and find out how you should do your hair or makeup. Wether or not you like the idea everyone who has read these magazines have been affected. Maybe not very intensely, but still affected. I wouldn’t say that my friends and I have been affected very strongly because we never pick up these magazines and read them. I am unsure if these glamour magazines are a pressing issue and I’m not sure we should try to fix them. The companies who make them have every right to, so we can’t stop them there. If you wanted to minimize the affect that magazines have on youth, you will have to talk to the youth about how they should picture themselves.