My Time at HSI

I learned a TON in this class. My top 5 would be…

1. I understand how media affects me and others. I can now pick out the influences and think critically about them.

2. I am much more appreciative of photographers. It is hard to get that one shot that is simple and beautiful. Click here to see my photos

3. I feel like I am a much better writer. I can put what is in my head on paper or on the screen much more efficiently.

4. I am glad to have been taught how to edit and tweak photos. I want to have a variety of skill and Photoshop is a great addition.

5. I feel like I am able to understand others and their intentions. This alone is a very valuable skill to have in life.

My most valuable memory here at HSI is ALL THE PEOPLE!

I have definitely grown here. I am much more social. The PCs’ help was fantastic. This experience has prepped me some for college, only as much as you can expect from a camp. If I could relive HSI I would be more social right off the bat. When I get back home I will tell anyone who asks that the experience was one of the greatest I have ever had.



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