Seth Jones

Seth Jones has such a passion for playing the alto saxophone that he has stuck it out with four different instructors. This passion was born through chance. When Seth was just in the fifth grade he and his classmates were choosing instruments.

“In our school, especially in middle school, the first things that you can decide for yourself is what instrument you play. This helps define who you are, and challenge yourself to be who you want to be” says Seth Jones.

With fingers gliding across the keys Seth takes the role of the solo saxophonist. He doesn’t think of it as either a blessing or a curse. It’s what he got and he is glad to have it. With only six high schoolers including Seth in the highschool band every instrument in vital.

Seth and his high school band have had four different band instructors throughout the years, and this is one of the reasons the band as dwindled to such low numbers. Seth and his other band members have stuck it out with help of their passion for music.

Seth has learned something from every one of his instructors.

“Each one of my instructors has been different in a good way and a bad way. Especially my first instructor, she planted the seeds for my interest in music” tells Seth.

With these personalities each giving their input and advice to Seth he has grown to love playing the alto saxophone. With all of these people, there are two that have made a huge impact. His parents. Seth is eternally grateful that he has two people who will always be there to support him in what he loves.

But with only six people left in the band it is hard. The highschool band had to meld with the junior high band. And for Seth this was slightly degrading. He doesn’t like the fact that what he loves was and still is falling apart. He is willing to stay in the band untill he is the last one.

With this attitude Seth has taken a leading role in the band. Especially with their current instructor who is “kinda hard to get along with”, he is there to help lead the younger students in the junior high.

He has grown from just thinking that the instrument just looks cool, to having a leading role in the band. He has taken something he loves and made it his own.

 Listen to the interview here.



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